It is not very rare that we find bad concrete works around us. Also, we can see multiple instances of good concrete works as well. So, we can safely say that it is the concreter who make all the difference. A concreter is a trained worker who uses concrete bricks to build sturdy building structures that do not have depressions or uneven surfaces. Concreters operate various manual and automated tools to smoothen, level, and seal concrete surfaces for a well-finished look.

If you are someone who needs assistance with your concrete structure, then you must choose the right concreters for the job. So, let’s look at what makes a good concreter suitable for hire.

Qualities Of Reliable Concreters

They Think Ahead

Renowned concreters are renowned for a reason. It is because they do not tackle situations but can anticipate them well in advance. Being in the business for a while allows them to gain enough experience to know what are the possible outcomes that can arise when you take a particular step. Hence, they always think ten steps ahead.

Maintains Clear Communication

If you are on the lookout for a reputable concrete contractor, then you might have come across plenty of options. However, you want to work with a reputable contractor who knows the ins and outs of his job. One of the primary qualities that efficient concreters have is the ability to communicate effectively. Reputable concreters communicate with a multitude of people at various levels. They speak to clients, builders, plumbers, steel suppliers, and truck drivers daily.

Has In-Depth Knowledge of Building Plans

It is a myth that one needs to be a good estimator, draftsperson, or surveyor to be a good concreter. However, concreters who have been around the block a time or two do understand the architectural and engineering aspects of building plans. Such knowledge comes in handy on-site as formwork, steel reinforcement, and dumpy levels need to adjust at the right level, and at the right time to form a well-laid slab.


Great At Delegating Responsibilities

 The work of a concreter exists at various levels and a single individual cannot do it all. Hence, efficient concreters master the role of delegation as they delegate various work activities to the right individuals on a construction site. Concreters need to ensure that all the workers in their team are on the same page and know their task.

A Great Sense of Space

Seasoned concreters have a great sense of awareness. Hence, they quickly pick up on where things are placed on a construction site. They quickly register where are the garage, edge beams, wet areas, and living spaces as these areas need special care and attention. They often need a different mix design.

Great concreters can measure up with their eyes as they browse through a slab. So, if your concreter can do this, you can be certain that he is a keeper for the job.

  1. Good Physique

Now wonder concreting is a lot of hard work. Therefore, they must look strong and have some muscle. They may give you the feel of Hollywood movie starts but its true.

  1. Patient

As they must work with a lot of other workers and different clients all the time, they have a great deal of patience.  


There is no substitute for work ethic. You can be certain that a concreter will have no problem with work ethics if he possesses the qualities. So, use these tips to your advantage and hire the concreter you’ve been looking for.