Sunglasses are the essentials for the summer times when you go out under the extreme heat of the sun. However, the use of sunglasses has gone beyond just protecting the eyes from harmful sun UV rays. It has now become a style accessory essential. From protecting eyes from sun rays to a style accessory, the sunglasses have seen many changes over time. With the changing requirements, the styles of the sunglasses have also changed. Nowadays you can get a wide variety of styles in the sunglasses shop where new and cool shades and types of glasses have been coming as time rolls.

However, going to a sunglasses shop and choosing a type and the shade of sunglasses pairs is not easy, as the availability of many options creates confusion. But this is the reason that gives the buyer avail the best quality sunglasses from many options. The range of sunglasses in any sunglasses shop might be limited. The best option is to opt for online shopping. Here we will be discussing the types and styles in which sunglasses are available.

Types Of the Sunglasses Available in Sunglasses Shop


Butterfly glasses are in the shape of butterfly wings. That is why they are known as butterfly glasses. The shape of the lens is big and spread just like the wings of a butterfly which covers a large area of your face giving you more protection.


 If you go to a sunglasses shop, there is a strong possibility that they have Aviator glasses. Aviators are one of the oldest types of sunglasses. They are not used for sun protection purposes, but they were used for military pilots. Now they are also used for general purposes as well. They have a lightweight body and a large shape of the lenses.

Cat Eye

Cat-eye sunglasses or cat eyes closely resembled the club master sunglasses but with top mimics of the cat's eye. That is why they are called cat eyeglasses. This is one of the common types that you will get in every sunglass shop.


Rectangle glasses are wide with angular corners. The shape of the lenses is a rectangle, and the edges of the frame are sharp. The glasses have the shape of a rectangle which gives them more length than the breath.


Clubmaster is also known as bowline sunglasses. They are other old types of sunglasses that were in mainstream fashion since the 1950s. The upper frame is thicker, which resembles the eyebrows, and the lower part is thinner. They are back in your nearby sunglasses shop after a low period when they were not in the mainstream.

Sunglasses Shop

Different Styles Available in Sunglasses Shop


The flip-up glasses are used to save your eyes, when traveling, from glaring lights. The lenses of the glasses can be flipped up and down. They do not hold water on the lens surface, which gives you instant removal from water droplets. These sunglasses can be useful when you are driving a car.


Polarized sunglasses are used to protect your eyes from UV rays. Reduce eye strain and have clearer vision because of their anti-glare property. You can even use them while driving during the day.


The mirrored sunglasses are used outdoors to protect from glare. The lenses are coated with a flash coating which gives them a look like a mirror. If you visit a sunglasses shop, you will surely find mirrored sunglasses because of their popularity.

Colored Lenses

The colored lenses come in many different colors. They are perfect when you want to match your sunglasses and your outfit. They are purely from a style point of however some shades do protect your eyes from sunlight.


Clear glasses are proven to protect your eyes from UV rays more effectively than other sunglasses. They are popular among people because of the styles and looks they provide, which you can even match with your outfits.


In modern days, sunglasses are not just used to protect the eyes from sunlight, but the use of sunglasses has gone deep in the fashion industry. Every time a new pair of sunglasses comes up with a new glasses idea to push the status quo to make way for new ones.

The sunglasses shop near you can offer you the best deals from a dynamic range of sunglasses. But, the best place where you will be getting more varieties of types and styles is the online sunglasses shops